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East Tennessee (with Knoxville as its cultural hub) is blessed with an especially rich diversity of artistic and cultural resources. The Alliance’s membership represents an amazing variety of performing arts venues and organizations, historical attractions, and museums. Working together, they celebrate and serve East Tennessee’s history, community, and future. Search our members by category or via the search box.

Knoxville History Project

Address 516 West Vine Avenue #8 Knoxville TN 37902 Phone: 865-300-4559
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Knoxville is the birthplace and first capital of the state of Tennessee. It was the site of Tennessee’s first newspaper and first published books. It’s been the home, since 1794, of one of America’s oldest state universities. It has significant associations with the evolution of country music, the conservation movement, civil-rights politics, and several interesting industries. Knoxvillians have run for president, made major motion pictures, designed interesting buildings, painted interesting pictures, won Pulitzer Prizes. Educational in purpose, the Knoxville History Project is a conduit for information about all these things.

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