Arts & Heritage Fund

Managed by the Arts & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville, the Arts & Heritage Fund raises money to support a wide range of arts organizations, historical sites, and cultural organizations throughout the area.

The Arts & Heritage Fund grants

  • Provide stable sources of financial support for the arts and heritage community;
  • Broaden access to high-quality arts and heritage experiences; and
  • Foster excellence in the local arts and heritage field and its administration.

Arts & Heritage Fund Grants are awarded to organizations in two categories with 10% set aside toward an industry endowment:

General Operating Support Grants – 85% of the Fund is awarded to arts and heritage organizations.

In the first year (FY2012), 100% of the Fund went toward awards.
In the second year (FY2013), 96.2% went toward awards.

Technical Assistance Grants – 5% of the Fund is awarded to organizations that do not qualify for General Operating Support Grants. The purpose of Technical Assistance Grants is to develop the organization to the point that it will eventually be eligible to receive General Operating Support Grants.

In the second year (FY2013), two Technical Assistance Grants of $500 each were approved.

Arts & Heritage Endowment – The Arts & Culture Alliance is focusing on planned giving to build an endowment for the fund. No more than 15% goes to promote and administer the Fund.

In the first year (FY2012), 0% of the Fund went toward administrative costs.
In the second year (FY2013), 3.8% went toward administrative costs.

For more information, contact Liza Zenni at 865-523-7543 or

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