The Slovene Independent Biennial

February 3-24, 2017
The Slovene Independent Biennial
Opening reception: Friday, February 3, 5:00-9:00 PM

Exhibition hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Exhibition of Slovenian Contemporary Illustration
This exhibition showcases the diversity of styles and approaches used today within the field of contemporary graphic illustration in Slovenia. The over 50 artists on display are alumni of the Independent Biennial and have won multiple national and international awards and grants for their work. Slovenia, a member of the European Union, is located in Central Europe at the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea.

In recognition of the fact that modern technological trends in illustration have eclipsed more traditional ways of visual depiction for the public, the Biennial of Slovene Independent Illustrators, established in 2007, seeks to redefine long-established concepts. The Biennial supports and promotes a wide variety of media and art forms, including digital work; but in order to be assessable to the public abroad, this particular exhibit emphasizes printed forms. Our hope is to provoke an open discussion about contemporary art and culture.

Given that an entire generation of young artists was pushed to the margins of artistic communication by the digital revolution, the Biennial now seeks to expand the boundaries of techniques used in illustration, by emphasizing the egalitarian selection of participants, who use a wide range of visual practices.

The Biennial is a periodic event that investigates the fields and contexts of modern illustration. It was created to support and promote the creators of such works, and what makes the Biennial unique is that the authors of artistic works in each Biennial then take on the role of curators for the following edition of the exhibit.

In the eight years since the founding of the Biennial, we have witnessed an exciting evolution of creative independent illustration. The range of work included has demonstrated a playful freedom of inter-media expression. Because the participants’ projects are completely uncensored and follow the Independent Manifesto of the Biennial, the greatest possible independence of work is encouraged. The selection of new participants by participants in the previous biennial ensures an in-depth cross-section of modern illustration. Above all, the Biennial of Independent Illustration is a tribute to the participants, themselves, who are driven forward by passion, curiosity, innovation and independent creative freedom.

The project is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington, Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Slovene Consulate in Tennessee, Kino Šiška and Tretaroka association.

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