Ann and Steve Bailey Opportunity Grantees

The Arts & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville is pleased to announce 32 awards to 35 local artists and organizations as part of the Ann and Steve Bailey Opportunity Grants for 2017-2018. This new program of the Arts & Heritage Fund, with awards distributed through the Alliance, provides financial and technical support to individual artists and small, professionally-oriented arts and culture organizations (with annual budgets under $100,000). The grants are designed to spur continued artistic and administrative growth in innovative, entrepreneurial artists and organizations at any stage in their development.

A total of 34 individuals and seventeen organizations applied for the competitive grants, and interviews determined the awards in June.

The following 22 individual applicants will receive a total of $68,492 in Bailey Opportunity grants for these projects:
+ Mike Berry – $2,170 for website upgrade and art workshops.
+ Jo Marie Brotherton – $1,923 for a one week master class from master glass artist, Astrid Reidel.
+ Marcus Carmon – $5,000 for documentary Canon camera kit.
+ Antuco Chicaiza – $1,500 for classes at Arrowmont.
+ Bobbie Crews – $1,200 for portrait painting classes.
+ Ace Edewards – $9,500 to study conducting at Sarasota Opera.
+ Kelly Hider – $544 to present and attend Southeaster College Art Conference in Columbus, OH.
+ Jackie Holloway – $1,511 for writing workshops.
+ Jonathan Howe – $2,179 for light dome tent.
+ Norman Magden – $4,939 for camcorder.
+ Renee Mathies – $1,923 for a one week master class from master glass artist, Astrid Reidel.
+ Cheryl Prose – $1,050 for a workshop at Arrowmont.
+ Denise Sanabria – $1,160 for classes at Arrowmont and Penland.
+ Arnold Schwartzbart (deceased) – $469 for archival materials to support collection acquisition by McClung Collection.
+ Emily Shane – $1,421 for digital cutter, cutting mat, and blades.
+ Stephen Spidell – $1,200 for lessons with Seth Haverkamp.
+ Jered Sprecher – $9,290 for research on “The Garden”.
+ Steven Trigg – $1,000 for video mentoring.
+ Trillium Piano Trio – $2,000 to develop a marketing plan.
+ Dominick White – $1,000 for professional vocal training.
+ Bryan Wilkerson – $8,163 to develop a mobile exhibition space.
+ John Powers & Joshua Bienko – $9,350 to establish a collaborative artist venue.

The following ten organizations will receive a total of $31,431 in Bailey Opportunity grants for these projects:
+ Asian Culture Center – $800 for website improvements.
+ Cattywampus Puppet Council – $3,500 for work with Spiral Q in Philadelphia, PA.
+ Knoxville Community Darkroom – $2,830 to develop a mobile darkroom.
+ Go! Contemporary Dance – $4,900 for Canon XA35 camera, computer software, and training.
+ HoLa Hora Latina – $2,500 for website upgrade.
+ Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus – $5,500 for management software and website upgrade.
+ Knoxville Guitar Society – $2,250 for Matthew Hinsley consultation.
+ Marble City Opera – $4,089 for portable keyboard.
+ Moving Theatre – $500 for Alliance for Better Nonprofits membership and consultation.
+ Tiger Lily Theatre – $2,562 for portable lighting system.

The goal of Bailey Opportunity Grants is to create a more vital creative community in Knoxville by: encouraging contributions to the city’s economy and quality of life by artists and arts and history organizations; positioning Knoxville as a community that honors its creative industry and supports the efforts of artists and organizations to achieve excellence; and raising public profiles of artists and organizations within the city and beyond. For more information, visit


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