Arts in the Airport: Celebrating McGhee Tyson Airport’s 80th Anniversary

For purchasing inquiries, please visit or contact the Arts & Culture Alliance at 865-523-7543.

Statement of Purpose
For the past nine years, the Arts & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville and the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority (McGhee Tyson Airport) have partnered to present a biannual exhibition entitled “Arts in the Airport”. This juried exhibition was developed to allow regional artists to compete and display work in the most visited site in the area. The selected art features contemporary 2- and 3-dimensional artwork. Special Theme: Beginning on October 15, 2017, McGhee Tyson Airport will celebrate its 80th anniversary. In conjunction with this anniversary milestone, Arts in the Airport welcomes works that have been inspired by the past 80 years of progress within our community. Whether works of art are inspired by progress seen in aviation, transportation, or travel, this Arts in the Airport Exhibit will be one of the events that the Airport Authority highlights in its year-long anniversary campaign: “Celebrating 80 Years in Eighty Ways.”

The following artists’ works are on display: Elaine Barnes, Booder Barnes, Lynda Best, Neranza Noel Blount, Archie Clark, Yvonne Dalschen, Bebe DeBord, Nick DeFord, Sherri Duncan, Robert Felker, Todd Fife, Mike Galyon, Elena Ganusova, Lynne M. Ghenov, David Gohn, M. Molly Harding, Marjorie Horne, Richard Jansen, Anne Kinggard, Greg Lach, Beauvais Lyons, Jodie Miller, Kenneth M. Moffett, Alisa Whitley Newby, Beth Patton, Carrie Pendergrass, Norm Plate, Chris S. Rohwer, Phil Savage, Sonia Sayani, W. James Taylor, Jill Vandagriff, Carl Whitten, John C. Winter.

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