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CJSaVon by Carlos Jones

Suite 106 CJSaVon by Carlos Jones Photography services, 3D printing, Documentation (commercial, portraiture, scenics, ceramics)

Bobbie Crews

Suite 107 Bobbie Crews Oil, watercolor, antique cars, portraits and figurative work, abstracts, seascapes, mixed media, courtroom sketch artist, caricature, design

Connie Gaertner

Suite 109 Connie Gaertner Oil, acrylic, watercolor

Judi Gaston

Suite 108 Judi Gaston Fiber, hand-woven garments I realize how fortunate I am to be able to carry a thread of interest …

Diana Kilburn

Suite 105 | Diana Kilburn | Watercolor, painting Biography I grew up near Cincinnati, Ohio, and have been involved in art all my life. …

Bob Leggett

Suite 101 Bob Leggett Watercolor, oil, pastel; fiction Pictured: recent paintings and two recent novels Bob Leggett is Professor Emeritus of The …

Fritz Massaquoi

Suite 111 Fritz Massaquoi Fibers, painting Fritz Massaquoi (mass-ah-koi) is a resident multi-media artist in the Emporium and a fixture in Knoxville’s …

W. James Taylor

Suite 102 W. James Taylor Chalk Pastel Painter, Publisher & Musician I am a product of the turbulent and emotion-packed 1960’s, …

Clay Thurston

Suite 111 Clay Thurston Photography

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