The Annex

The Annex is a community space on level B-2 (two levels below Gay Street) of the Emporium. Two rooms are available to rent for classes, workshops, meetings, and rehearsals:

+ 2,100 sq. ft dance studio (approx 30′ wide by 60′ long) with wooden floors, mirrors, and windows
+ 1,050 sq. ft community room with a table and padded chairs


The Annex rooms may be rented Monday-Sunday, 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM at the following rates: $6.50/hour during the daytime and $18.50/hour on nights/weekends. Discounts may apply for usage of 5+ hours per month and for payment by cash or check.

No food or public performances are allowed. Accessible restrooms are on site.

Click here to view the Annex schedule and request rental time.

Click here for driving/parking directions.

Accessing the Annex – Option 1
1. Walk south from the Emporium’s front doors, past the UT Downtown Gallery until you come to the courtyard opening between buildings. Turn left on the metal sidewalk and descend the staircase to the bottom of the courtyard.
2. Knock on the glass door to gain entrance (or call the appropriate instructor’s phone).
3. Alternately, pass through the wooden courtyard gate and turn left to enter the Fire Street Alleyway. The door to gain entrance is on the left. (Watch a video)

Option 2
1. Walk north from the Emporium’s front doors across the four-way intersection of Gay Street & Jackson Avenue.
2. As you start to walk over the Gay Street bridge, descend the staircase on your immediate right to go down to the lower street level (same level as the railroad tracks).
3. At the bottom of the staircase, walk east between the Jackson Terminal on your left and the bridge on your right.
4. After walking about 100 feet, turn right to enter the Fire Street Alleyway that passes underneath the bridge and behind the Emporium.
5. The first windows visible on the right-hand side open up to the Annex dance studio. The door to gain entrance is just past the windows.

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