Julie Fawn Boisseau-Craig: Embodiment – A Search for Serenity

May 5-26, 2017
Julie Fawn Boisseau-Craig: Embodiment – A Search for Serenity
Opening reception: Friday, May 5, 5:00-9:00 PM

Exhibition hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Please note, the Emporium will be closed on Monday, May 29.

Artist Statement
At the end of the day I am a maker, a multimedia artist who loves creating
components using all the techniques I have learned over the years and trying to visualize
and then actualize them together in a piece. These pieces vary from sculptural to
functional to even wearable artworks. I am most drawn to the fire arts of clay and glass
primarily and metal secondary, but I still utilize drawing, painting, printmaking,
woodworking and even photography when necessary for the completion of the concept
of the individual works or series.

I believe my work to be an ethereal commentary on the complicated fragility and
contradictions of every day life. As humans, we walk through our days attempting to
simply survive. We often miss the beauty that surrounds us. I truly wish to convey
beauty in all my creations, but I am also caught up in the complexities that envelope the
world and by combining so many techniques and mediums I feel that those complexities
are given a sense of place as well. I want my audience to stop and smell the roses, but
they must be aware that sometimes there are thorns.


Artist Julie Fawn Boisseau-Craig primarily works in porcelain and glass but utilizes metals and wood as necessary to create her sculptural, wearable and or functional pieces. Her studio, Wild Pony Studio, is located in Rockford, Tennessee. There she works with the clay, wood, metal and lampworked glass. She also works in hot glass at the Jackson County Green Energy Park in Dillsboro, North Carolina. She has shown nationally and participated in and taught many workshops and demonstrations. Julie received her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in December of 2012. Julie taught Introduction to Visual Art, 3D Art, Drawing and Ceramics at Western Carolina University. She also taught Drawing and Ceramics at Southwestern Community College in North Carolina. Julie was also an artist assistant to Tennessee based glass artist Richard Jolley. Her work directly responds to the contradictions and complexities of life. She strives to create beauty out of chaos.


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