Kimberly Pack: lovenestmonsters

November 3-22, 2017
Kimberly Pack: lovenestmonsters
Opening reception: Friday, November 3, 5:00-9:00 PM

Exhibition hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Please note, the Emporium is closed Thursday-Friday, November 23-24.

The drawings of Kimberly Pack came about out of necessity. Tough times call for some unusual ways of escaping. Kimberly’s drawings of mopey faced, scraggly haired guys became an outlet for that escape. To create guys with lumpy bodies and eyes with dark circles and puffiness allowed her to bring to life with pen and paper the sadness and uncertainty of her life.

Kimberly was born in Virginia to a family of people with sleepy, sorrowful eyes whom even in the toughest of times were always there for her. The drawings possibly represent the small town she was born in – surrounded by mountains and home to a Dupont factory located across the street from her childhood home. There were plenty of characters in that town and in her own family, many of whom come through in the drawings she creates.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee with a BA in art and a concentration in photography, the black and white-ness of her drawings only confirms her love of the processing and printing of black and white film.  She also spends her time sewing her lovenestmonster dolls and photographing anything and everything.

This show is dedicated to her wonderful puppy dog eyed family from Virginia and to her three children Henry, Simon and Julia, who inspire and encourage her in ways that mean the world to her.  And keeps her going even during the toughest of times.

Follow her on Instagram at @lovenestmonster and @kimberlypack_art.

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