Vintage Re-Inventions: Steampunk Creations

March 3-31, 2017
Vintage Re-Inventions: Steampunk Creations by Eric Holstine, Jason Lambert, and Jason Edwards
Opening reception: Friday, March 3, 5:00-9:00 PM

Exhibition hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Eric Holstine of Charleston, WV combines art with technology to create unique pieces that provide functionality. Holstine is a mixed-media artist with a professional background in Information Technology and uses mixed media, including stained glass, metal, wood, polymer clay, and repurposed items. Much of his work is of the steampunk genre and has been on exhibit in different venues in West Virginia, Maryland, as well as at the Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey. He was awarded “Most Original Design” at the WV Makers Festival in October 2015. Holstine’s work includes a functional mantle clock, an “Acoustic Roundabout Cube,” and a steampunk-style robot lamp. All pieces have an electronic feature and/or lighting effect designed and programmed by the artist. For more information, please visit

Experimentation is Jason Lambert’s primary goal. While originally working in pen and ink he has recently transitioned into use of copper, steel, sharpies and nail polish to create unique 2- and 3-D works. His degree in geology and minor in anthropology from the University of Kentucky have helped inform a love of old science he applies to new art. “I never truly consider my work finished, only stalled or given away,” says Lambert. “The process of creation and fusion is what really attracts my imagination. My current body of work is more captured moments or thoughts that I am attempting to flesh out, each one trying to attain completion, rather than a mono thematic installation. In the end, my creations are meant to be enjoyed, for whatever reason you find, adding fantasy, whimsy, and just a little sharpness to your moment.”

Jason Edwards works with acrylic paints, markers, inks, spray paint and charcoal on paper and canvas. He also works with woodblock printing, digital painting and video. His paintings and woodblocks style is whimsical, and his videos are very conceptual. Common themes in Jason’s paintings are reflective of other people’s emotions, and themes in his videos mostly deal with his internal emotions. In his works, he reminds us that it is ok to be human living in a world that is unbalanced and extreme. Edwards is currently working as a scenographer at Woolly Mammoth Theater Company in Washington, DC.

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