Works by Heather Huebner

May 5-26, 2017
Works by Heather Huebner
Opening reception: Friday, May 5, 5:00-9:00 PM

Exhibition hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Please note, the Emporium will be closed on Monday, May 29.

Heather was born in Euclid, OH and grew up in a suburb east of Cleveland. She is a graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelors of Fine Arts focused in painting and is currently working in Knoxville, TN.

By using personal experiences of landscapes, this body of work was developed by turning abstracted memories and/or thoughts of landscapes into paintings.

The first half of my work was done by using fluid materials and allowing them to dry over time, letting nature take its course upon the pigments. The process in which they are created –pouring onto the canvas– has the same affect as the fluidness of bodies of water on land or on a shoreline. Just as a puddle may sit for days and eventually evaporate, leaving some sediment behind, so too do these pigments. In viewing this body of work, one starts to question how those sediments were left behind. Were they an accident or were they intentional? Would knowing change their effect?

For me, these marks create a personal connection to experiences I’ve had in the past. A unique mark or color or texture invokes the imagery of a landscape in my memory. It is based in a reality I used to know. An organic representation of what was.

The second half of my work is fantasy. A world that is isolated from anything familiar. The shapes and colors and compositions determined by a feeling of unknowing. They are structured on ideas of what could be rather than what I have seen in the past. When surrounded by the unknown, we try to create comfort for ourselves yet it is never the same nor as comforting as the reality we knew before.

We engage landscapes everyday and some impact others differently. Growing up on Lake Erie was what drove me to make landscape paintings, abstract or not. The colors reflected off the water and the brightness and vibrancy of those colors are something that is constantly reminisced in my work. I am constantly engaged with the landscapes around me, whether if it is a sound, color, or images such as a sunset over a body of water or a distant line of trees on the edge of a field.



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