East Tennessee (with Knoxville as its cultural hub) is blessed with an especially rich diversity of artistic and cultural resources. The Alliance’s membership represents an amazing variety of performing arts venues and organizations, historical attractions, and museums. Working together, they celebrate and serve East Tennessee’s history, community, and future. Search our members by category or via the search box.

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Photo of James White’s Fort
James White’s Fort
Address 205 E. Hill Ave Knoxville TN 37915 Phone: 865-525-6514
Photo of Joy of Music School
Joy of Music School
Address 1209 Euclid Ave Knoxville TN 37921 Phone: 865-525-6806
Photo of Jubilee Community Arts
Jubilee Community Arts
Address 1538 Laurel Ave Knoxville TN 37916 Phone: 865-522-5851
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