East Tennessee (with Knoxville as its cultural hub) is blessed with an especially rich diversity of artistic and cultural resources. The Alliance’s membership represents an amazing variety of performing arts venues and organizations, historical attractions, and museums. Working together, they celebrate and serve East Tennessee’s history, community, and future. Search our members by category or via the search box.

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Photo of Kids in the Arts Camp
Kids in the Arts Camp
Address 800 N 4th Ave Knoxville TN 37917 Phone: 865-208-9206
No Photo Available
Knox County Museum of Education
Address 801 Tipton Avenue Knoxville Tn 37920 Phone: 865-579-8264 ext 1072
No Photo Available
Knox County Schools Art Department
Address 912 S. Gay Street, Suite 1202 Knoxville TN 37902 Phone: 865-594-1727
Photo of Knoxville Choral Society
Knoxville Choral Society
Phone: 865-212-2440
Photo of Knoxville Convention Center
Knoxville Convention Center
Address 701 Henley Street Knoxville TN 37902 Phone: 865-522-5669
Photo of Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus
Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus
Phone: 865-560-6938
Photo of Knoxville Guitar Society
Knoxville Guitar Society
Phone: 865-694-4108
No Photo Available
Knoxville Handel Society
Phone: 865-689-6242
Photo of Knoxville History Project
Knoxville History Project
Address 516 West Vine Avenue #8 Knoxville TN 37902 Phone: 865-300-4559
Photo of Knoxville Jazz Orchestra
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra
Phone: 865-573-3226
Photo of Knoxville Museum of Art
Knoxville Museum of Art
Address 1050 World’s Fair Park Dr Knoxville TN 37916 Phone: 865-525-6101
Photo of Knoxville Opera
Knoxville Opera
Address 612 E. Depot Ave Knoxville TN 37917 Phone: 865-524-0795
No Photo Available
Knoxville Swing Dance Association
Phone: 865-300-3242
Photo of Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
Address 100 S. Gay Street, Suite 301 Knoxville TN 37902 Phone: 865-523-1178
Photo of Knoxville Watercolor Society
Knoxville Watercolor Society
Phone: 865-776-3576
Photo of Knoxville Writer’s Guild
Knoxville Writer’s Guild
Address PO Box 10326 Knoxville TN 37939 Phone: 865-974-0047
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