Past Exhibitions

February 2-23, 2018
National Juried Exhibition of 2018
John Humphries: Constellations of Drawings
Yvonne Hosey: The Hungry Month
Brandon Lutterman: Sculptural Vessels and Pots

January 5-26, 2018
Genevieve S. Byrd: Pour L’amour des Chevaux
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Gallery of Arts Tribute
Sam Stapleton: Stilled Life
Carol Robin King: Jewelry For The Walls
Works by Jo Marie Brotherton, Renee Mathies, and Cheryl Prose

December 1-22, 2017
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show

November 3-22, 2017
Live and Local: Recent Works of the Pellissippi Art Faculty
The Cape Ann Collection: Watercolors by Carl Whitten
Kimberly Pack: lovenestmonsters
The Knoxville Community Darkroom

November 8-22, 2017
The Arab American Club of Knoxville: From the Middle East to the Smoky Mountains

November 3-5, 2017
19th Master Woodworkers Show

October 6-27, 2017
Tennessee Artists Association Fall Juried Show
The Arrowmont Experience
Synthia Clark: Anthropomorphize
Melanie Fetterolf: The Love of Nature
Richard Jansen: Painting with Light

September 1-29, 2017
Linde Mills & Mary Smith: Art in Motion
David Gildersleeve … And Now for Something Completely Different.
Annamaria Gundlach: Clay Dreams
Works by J. Brooks Brann
Anthony Donaldson: Time (Past, Present & Future)

August 4-25, 2017
Terina Gillette: Temperance: An Expose of Emotion
A1LabArts: Open Show with Dada Inspiration: GODDESS/JAPAN/PEACE
Mary Saylor: A Whimsical Nature
Works by L. Bethsy Salage
Dick Wills: Celebrate Color

July 7-28, 2017
Knoxville Photo 2017
The Eight Artists of the Vacuum Shop Studios
Christine Parkhurst: Diverse Clay: Pots & Poems
Acrylic Paintings by Tracey G. Crocker
Silas Reynolds: In the moment

June 2-30, 2017
Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild Quilt Show 2017
17th Street Studios: Amalgam Volume 4
Anne Freels: The Maize Abides
Susanne Tanner: Australian Walk About
Christian Branson: A Beginner’s Evolution

May 5-26, 2017
6 to 96: The Stevens Family
Luis Velázquez: Retrospective 1937-2016 and Family Continuity
Julie Fawn Boisseau-Craig: Embodiment – A Search for Serenity
Works by Heather Huebner
Stephen Spidell: Iterations of Movement

April 7-28, 2017
Little River Artists
Sharon Gillenwater and Michael McKee: Acrylics and Oils
The Enlightened and Lost by Kat Lewis
Connections by Renee Suich
Barbara West Portrait Group

March 3-31, 2017
Abingdon Arts Depot – Juried Members Exhibition
Jose Roberto: The Art of Surrealism
New Work by Coral Grace Turner
Vintage Re-Inventions: Steampunk Creations by Eric Holstine, Jason Lambert, and Jason Edwards
“New Beginning” by Joe Bracco

February 3-24, 2017
The National Juried Exhibition of 2017
The Slovene Independent Biennial
“Travel… Begins Close to Home” by Cheryl Sharp
Through My Eyes: Works by Derrick Freeman, an Autistic Artist
Mother’s Dream Quilts

January 6-27, 2017
The O’Connor Senior Center Painters: Breaking Ground – What You Want to See
Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths: Beautiful Iron
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Gallery of Arts Tribute

December 2-23, 2016
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show

November 4-23, 2016
Abstract Works by Marty Elmer
Marta Goebel-Pietrasz: Here, There & Beyond: Marta’s Travel Journal
The Variety and Beauty of Friends
Fiber Works by Eun-Sook Kim
Photography by Brian R. McDaniel

October 7-28, 2016
Tennessee Artists Association: The Fall Juried Show: 42nd Fall Art Exhibition
The Arrowmont Experience: Featuring Work by Current Artists-in-Residence
Impressions of Nature by Dennis Sabo
Pottery by Rex W. Redd
Melanie Fetterolf: Rain Paintings & Classroom Art

September 2-30, 2016
“We The People” by Antuco Chicaiza
Emporium Center Resident Artists
Projects by Emily Taylor
Anthony Donaldson: A Time of Recent Creativity
“Cosmic Order” by Eurichea Showalter Subagh Ball

August 5-26, 2016
Tuesday Painters: A Plein Air Show
Expressions by Terina Gillette
Melinda Adams and Marjorie Holbert: The Wonder of Birds
A Gathering of Goddesses by Sheryl Sallie
Glasslike Surfaces by Yvonne Hosey

July 1-29, 2016
Townsend Artisan Guild: A Sense of Community – Portrait of Small Towns and City Life
Sculpture by Ty Crisp
Daniel Taylor: Faces of Jazz
Renee Suich: Small Stories
Service, Sacrifice, Honor by Cheryl Sharp

June 3-24, 2016
4th Annual Knoxville Photo
Kim Emert Gale & Janet Weaver: Through Our Eyes
A Mosaic Journey by Judy Overholt Wheeler

May 13 – June 24, 2016
Tennessee Watercolor Society 35th Exhibition

May 6-27, 2016
International Latino Art Exhibition
Photography by Rachael Quammie
Abigail Malone: Recessive

May 6-7, 2016
Small Plates: A Response to Hunger
Pioneer House Exhibition

April 1-29, 2016
Dogwood Arts Regional Fine Art Exhibition

March 4-24, 2016
Three Views of Reality by Brandon Douglas, Catherine Haverkamp and Seth Haverkamp
Knoxville Watercolor Society exhibition
Work by Missy Leigh Lynch
Photographs by West High School Students
“A Stitch in Time” by Bobbie Crews & Judi Gaston

February 5-26, 2016
National Juried Exhibition
The Knoxville Photography Collective
Mixed media works by Ty Crisp
Dancing Pots Pottery by Deb Whelan

January 8-29, 2016
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission’s Gallery of Arts Tribute

December 4, 2015 – January 29, 2016
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show

December 4-23, 2015
Photographs of Syrian Refugees by Dean Rice

November 10-25, 2015
Open Arms Care Flying Brushes: Obstacle Luminance

November 6-25, 2015
Ribnica Handicraft Centre: Traditional Woodenware from Slovenia
Luna Lewis: Impressions
“Recessive” by Abby Malone
“Natural Woman” by Jackie Holloway

November 6-8, 2015
18th Master Woodworkers Show

October 2-30, 2015
Tennessee Artist Association – The Fall Juried Show: 41st Fall Art Exhibition
“Memory of Motion” by Anna Wszyndybyl
Ron Lowery – Tennessee River: Sparkling Gem of the South
Patrick Murphy-Racey – VOLS: A 25 Year Retrospective
VSA Tennessee: Letters from Vietnam

September 4-26, 2015
Artists of Fine Arts Blount
Terra Madre: Women in Clay
“Drawn In” curated by Amy Hand
“Conversations: Portraits & Other Work” by Emily Taylor
Works by Jake Livesay

August 7-28, 2015
“Further East” by ETSU Faculty and Staff of Art & Design
Fire, Rain, and Nature Images by Melanie Fetterolf
Works by Sharon Gillenwater & Michael McKee
MAP! with Jennifer Brickey, Marcia Goldenstein, Tony Sobota and Nick DeFord
Knox Heritage Art & Architecture Tour Photographs

July 3-31, 2015
17th Street Studios – Amalgam Volume 3
Alcohol Inks by Dawn Hawkins
Jacene England: Emotions
ORGANIC AND MECHANIC by Susan V. Adams & Barb Johnson

June 5-27, 2015
3rd Annual Knoxville Photo
Photography by Rachael Quammie
Works by Claudia Dean & Jane S. Nickels
Ryan Blair & Robin Surber: Made in South Knoxville
Anna Rykaczewska: Look to See

May 1-30, 2015
Artists Association of Monroe County & Community Artist League of Athens
Clarence Brown Theatre Costume and Prop Art
International Biscuit Festival Art Exhibition
Thoughts & Things by Marty Elmer
Work by Mary Bogert, Deborah Bowen, Diane Cecala, Antuco Chicaiza, Victor Costantino, Patricia Fitchpatrick, Astrid Galindo, Lorraine Jacques, Inna Nasonova Knox, and Judy Overholt Wheeler

April 3-25, 2015
Dogwood Arts Regional Fine Arts Exhibition

March 6-29, 2015
2015-2018 SCG International Member Exhibition
Approximate Exactitude: The Diagram and the Book
Knoxville Collects YeeHaw
UTK Print Faculty

February 6-28, 2015
HandMade Here: A Tennessee Craft Chapter Exhibition
Elizabeth Porter: Reliquaries
National Juried Exhibition of 2015
Donald Fiolkoski – My Left Hand Art

January 9-31, 2015
“A Narrative of Light and Shadow” hosted by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta
Ceramics works by Eun-Sook Kim
New Group Exhibition in the Balcony with Lynn Bland, Terina Gillette, Tony Henson, Beth Meadows, Emily Shane, Tony Sobota, and Jennifer Willard

December 5-23, 2014
Arts & Culture Alliance Member Show
Recent Paintings by Dean Rice

November 7-26, 2014
“Frutos Latinos” and Day of the Dead Exhibitions and Celebrations
Works by Bruce Bunting & Linda Waterhouse
In/Finite Earth, presented by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Structures: Photography by Eric Thompson

October 3 – November 1, 2014
Tennessee Artists Association: The Fall Juried Show – 40th Anniversary
Jean Hess: Where Water Used to Be
Tennessee Watercolor Society’s 2014 Traveling Exhibition
Terra Madre Exhibition

September 5-27, 2014
CHIAROSCURO! The Excitement of Strong Lights, Shadow and Color by Susan Mink Colclough, Olga Rader, and Bill Womac
Knoxville Museum of Art Artscapes Auction preview
“America Divided” by Antuco Chicaiza
East Tennessee-area Watercolor Artwork by Scott Bennett

August 1-30, 2014
Art Group 21 – A Visual Experience
“The Wonder of Birds” by Melinda Adams, Alyson Cannon, and Marjorie Holbert
Opposites Attract by Tom Owens and Marianne Woodside

July 4-26, 2014
Then & Now – A celebration of the Emporium’s 10th anniversary
Diverse Sculptures by Jim Parris & Gwendolyn Kerney
“Do I Know You?” by R.L. Gibson
Knox Heritage – 2014 Art & Architecture Tour Photographs

June 6-28, 2014
Townsend Artisan Guild: Destination Townsend
Color Play/Shadow Play by Elaine Culbert
Abingdon Arts Depot – Juried Members Exhibition
One Woman, Many Ways by Bill Womac

May 2-31, 2014
Knoxville Photo 2014
Works in Play – A Small Show by Emily Taylor
New group exhibition with works by Melanie Fetterolf, Jake Livesay, Inna Nasonova, Jane Nickels, Norm Plate, Olga Rader, and Dennis Sabo

April 4-26, 2014
Dogwood Arts Festival Regional Fine Arts Show

March 7-29, 2014
Handmade Here: a Tennessee Craft Chapter Exhibition
“A Bird in this World” by the SASS Collective

February 7-28, 2014
National Juried Exhibition of 2014
Copper and bronze jewelry & small sculptures by Kathy Bradley
Afghanistan: Unordinary Lives by Manca Juvan
Works by Olga Rader

January 3 – February 1, 2014
Dragonflies of the World: an International Exhibition
Recent Works by Claudia Walker
Artists of 17th Street Studios, Mighty Mud, and Vacuum Shop Studios
Keita Spaulding: Contraptionism

December 6-23, 2013
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show

November 7-26, 2013
Art Appetizers: Works by Arts & Culture Alliance Members

November 1-26, 2013
Open Arms Care Flying Brushes: Obstacle Luminance
Photography by Melinda Adams

November 1-3, 2013
17th Master Woodworkers Show

October 4-26, 2013
“People, Places and Beyond” by Pat Clapsaddle and Marta Goebel-Pietrasz
Paintings, jewelry, and journals by Deborah Bowen
Recent Works by Richardson Turner
“Romantic Notions” by Terri Jordan

September 6-27, 2013
Knoxville Watercolor Society’s Annual All Media Show
Works by Bruce Busey and Richard Busey
“Dream Big” by Brandan Cox
“Reflections of an Artist’s Travels” by Sue Messer

August 2-30, 2013
“From the Expansive to the Intricate” – Works by Kathy Holland and Althea Murphy-Price
Photographs by Melinda Adams & woodcarvings by Marjorie Holbert
Side by Side Exhibition of the Diverse Arts of Monroe County
“Nature’s Palette” by Diana Kilburn

July 5-26, 2013
Knoxville Photo 2013
Photographs of Istanbul by Dean Rice
“East Meets West” by Eun-Sook Kim
Knox Heritage: Art & Architecture Photographs

June 7-28, 2013
Selections from Chattanooga Juried Members Exhibition
Selections from “Presence” by Kelly Hider
Functional and sculptural works in clay by Gray Bearden
“Love & Peace: Expressions of the Bible” by Regina Turner
Quilts by Kit Hoefer

May 3-31, 2013
Wroclaw Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Art Exhibition
Works by Pam Broockman
Recent Works by Coral Grace Turner and Marilyn Avery Turner
April 5-26, 2013
Dogwood Arts Festival Regional Fine Art Exhibition

March 1-28, 2013
March Brushstrokes: Tennessee Artists Association Juried Show
Works by Olive B. “Lolly” Durant
Knoxville Monday Night Life Drawing Group: “Body Language” Exhibition

February 1-22, 2013
National Juried Exhibition of 2013
Sculptures by Sandie Galka
New Group Exhibition with Tina Brunetti, Phillip Carter, Meg Haufe, Steve Ingram, Barry McManus, and Jane Nickels

January 4-25, 2013
Alternate Realities by Elizabeth Porter and Geri Forkner
Angel Awareness Jewelry by Christine Mullins
Radiant Geometries by Carl Gombert
Works by Fritz Massaquoi

December 7-21, 2012
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show

November 2-30, 2012
Drawn and Carved: Works by Sally Ham Govan & Bill Cook, Jr.
Photographs by Julie Oglesby
“Collection/Re-Collection” by Marcia Goldenstein and “Place” by Jean Hess
“Alleged Posthumous Writings” by Nick DeFord

October 5-26, 2012
Cultivated Form by Suzanne Jack & Kath Girdler Engler
Pottery by Lahla Deakins
“Dreamscapes, an Altered Reality” by Denny Morelock
“Finger-printed” by Dena Honea

September 7-28, 2012
The Artists of Fairfield Glade
Knoxville Museum of Art Artscapes Auction Preview
Animal Artists from the Knoxville Zoo: Artwork Gone Wild
“Looking at the Dark” by Alex Merchant

August 3-31, 2012
“Destination Townsend” presented by the Townsend Artisan Guild
Recent Works by Dawn Hawkins
Battle of the Mediums: Oil vs. Watercolor by Steve Black & Betty Bullen

July 6-27, 2012
Through My Window: Work by Young Artists with Disabilities
Jewelry by Kathy Bradley
New Group Exhibition featuring works by Evelyn Bryant, Dawn Hawkins, Jennifer Jennings, Randy Jennings, Mary E Klopfer, and Isik Sönmez
Works by Derrick Freeman

June 1-29, 2012
The Bridge Exhibit
Gallery 73: Fish Lady & Friends
Works by Sue Messer

May 4-25, 2012
Merleville Watercolor Society Hangs It Up
The Muse Among Us – Works by Elaine Barnes, Annamaria Gundlach, Ruth Koh and Donna Moore
Works by Gene Bocknek

April 6-27, 2012
Dogwood Arts Festival – Regional Fine Art Exhibition

March 7-30, 2012
Recent Works by Sue Messer

March 2-30, 2012
War of the Lawn Ornaments by Alan Finch & Denise Stewart-Sanabria
Elements: Human and Natural by Jeff Tidwell

March 2 & 3, 2012
Foothills Craft Guild Presents “Fine Craft in March”

February 3-24, 2012
“If Not Now, When?” – Works by Jake Livesay & Victor Schmidt
Forward – Pellissippi State Studio Art Faculty Exhibition

January 6-27, 2012
New Group Exhibition featuring Terrie Boruff-Yeatts, Tony Henson, Chuck Jensen, Barry McManus, Sue Messer, Jayln B. Weston

December 2, 2011 – January 27, 2012
National Juried Exhibition

December 2-23, 2011
Works by Kurt Weiss & Kit Hoefer

November 10-23, 2011
Open Arms Care: Personal Perspective
Journey to Life: Work by Jonathan Howe
Dinara Aprymova – Textiles of Central Asia

November 4-6, 2011
16th Master Woodworkers Show

October 7-28, 2011
Tennessee Artists Association presents The Fall Juried Show: October Brushstrokes
New Group Exhibition featuring Lisa Ellis, Betsy Hobkirk, Gloria Nelson, Olga Noes, Dennis Sabo, Jesse Sisken, and Regina Turner

September 2-30, 2011
HoLa Hora Latina: Frutos Latinos II Exhibition
“In Absence” by Emporium Center Artist-in-Residence Brandon Woods
Works by Thomas H. Windham

August 5-26, 2011
Tennessee Reiki Connection: Enlightenment
O’Connor Center Painters: Painted Memories
Diana Rogers – A Day in the Life: Observations and Obsession

July 1-29, 2011
Fountain City Art Guild: Summer Solstice Show
New Group Exhibition featuring Terrie Boruff-Yeatts, Stephen Brayfield, Regina L. Garner, Dawn Kunkel, Terri Jordan, Chuck Jensen, and Linda A. Waterhouse

June 3-24, 2011
Expressions & Impressions: Works by Rickey Beene and Maya Simonson
Pieces of Me – Photography by Scott W Lee
Knox Heritage: Art & Architecture Tour Photographs

May 6-27, 2011
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show
“Vignettes” by Richard Foster, Sara Martin, and Denise Retallack
Barry McManus: First Friday Faces

April 29-30, 2011
UT Graphic Design Senior Show

April 1-29, 2011
Dogwood Arts Festival Student Art Exhibition

April 1-21, 2011
Nexus: Dogwood Arts Festival Indoor Sculpture Exhibition
Recent Works by Pamela Neal

March 4-25
Emerging Artists Exhibition
“uproot” by Keegan Luttrell
Arts & Heritage Fund Logo Competition

February 12-25
Works by Emporium Center studio artists

February 4-25
“Threads and Fibers” – Recent Works by Marie Gibson
Another Way of Life: Photographs by Dean Rice

February 4-6
Foothills Craft Guild: Fine Craft in February

January 7-28, 2011
Taiwan Sublime: Four Photography Masters’ Visions

December 13, 2010 – January 28, 2011
5th Annual National Juried Exhibition

December 8-23
Aaron Shugart-Brown: Con_Struct: Revisiting the 100 Block Construction Project

December 3-23
Fw: Fw: Re: Zek

December 3-4, 2010
7th Annual Emporium Holiday Extravaganza

November 5-24, 2010
“For the Love of Water Media” by the Knoxville Watercolor Society
“Archetypes” by Kenneth M. Moffett

October 1-29, 2010
Frutos Latinos presented by HoLa Hora Latina
Knoxville Symphony Orchestra 75th Anniversary Commemorative Juried Exhibition

September 3-24, 2010
Tennessee Artists Association Annual Fall Juried Show
“Let’s Play with our Emotions” by Rafael Casco, Betsy Worden Memorial Artist-in-Residence

August 11-27, 2010
South Knoxville Senior Painters

August 6-27, 2010
Top Choice Exhibition

August 6, 2010
Arts & Culture Alliance Consignment Sale

July 2-30, 2010
A Celebration of Color
Recent Works by Larry S. Cole
Forms and Figures photography exhibition featuring works by Alan Finch, Kathy Frankford, Carl Hill, Scott Lee, Ross Mol, Carole Usdan, and Dennis Usdan

June 4-25, 2010
Anomaly featuring Ethan Bach, S. Beth Bishop, Jessica Gregory, and Zophia Kneiss
Art Awakenings featuring works by Shawn Kincaid, Dina Loukota, Wes Loukota, and Rufus S. Morgan, MD
Photographs from Knox Heritage’s Art & Architecture Tour

May 7-28, 2010
Arts & Culture Alliance Member Show
New Works by Thomas Britt, Kathy Frankford, Benjamin Katz, Joseph Lantrip, Victoria Lenne, Bobby Nash, and Sam Nicosia

April 30, 2010
Senior Design Show oh-ten!

April 2-30, 2010
Dogwood Arts Festival Student Art Show

April 2-23, 2010
“ReVision: Seeing the Ordinary in Extraordinary Ways”

March 5-26, 2010
“Sunny Side Up!” by Gay Bryant and Amy Campbell
“Everyday Adorned” by Paige Barbee, current Betsy Worden Memorial Artist-in-Residence

February 5-26, 2010
“New to Knoxville” exhibition
“Headlights and Streetlights” by Mike Berry and Bobbie Crews

January 8-29, 2010
365: AIGA Annual Design Competition

December 14, 2009 – January 29, 2010
National Juried Exhibition

December 4-23
Here & Now, hosted by The Carpetbag Theatre

December 4-5
6th Annual Emporium Holiday Extravaganza

November 18-25
Artwork by clients of the Sertoma Center and Open Arms Care

November 6-25
“Reflections and Perceptions” featuring Elaine Barnes, Katie Gamble, Annamaria Gundlach, and Rob Knudson

November 6-8
15th Master Woodworkers Show, presented by the East Tennessee Woodworkers Guild

October 2-30
Tennessee Artists Association
The Carpetbag Theatre’s Homecoming Exhibition

September 4-25
“A 20-Year Retrospective” by Bill Capshaw and Victor Costantino
“Sound Booth” by Brian Wagner

August 7-28
“Spiritual Influences: Touching the Spirit through Visual, Healing, and Performance Art”
New group exhibition with Laura Bledsoe, Stacey Fletcher, Heather Hartman, William Isom, Elizabeth Porter, Jennifer Stoneking-Stewart, Michael Woods

July 3-31
Group exhibition with Bruce Busey, Jorge Gomez del Campo, Rebecca Jones, David Dwayne Lyons, Hali Maltsberger, Alison Oakes, Sharon Trammel

June 5 – July 30
Smoky Mountain Visions Juried Exhibition

June 5-26
Iron Clad: Knoxville Metal Sculpture Artists with Rodney Cash, Amanda Childs, Preston Farabow, Heather Hutton, Zophia Kneiss, Gerry Moll, Khris Norell, Ronda Phipps

May 1-29
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show
Art Prints of Rifles by the Rifle Company

April 24
UT Graphic Design Senior Show

April 3-24
UT Ceramics Exhibition

April 3-21
Top 40 Exhibition

March 6-27
Bon Voyage: Works by Fritz Massaquoi
The Enigma of Growth by Crystal Wagner

February 6-27
The Scholastic Art Awards of 2009
Jurors of the Scholastic Art Awards: Mark Hall, Lauren Kussro, Julie Rabun, Jennifer Stoneking-Stewart, Jered Sprecher, and Bryan Wilkerson

January 2-30, 2009
Group exhibition with Thomas Britt, Cindy Day, Anne Freels, Sally Ham Govan, Jessica Gregory, Zophia Kneiss, Ann Lacava, Wes & Dina Loukota, Bobby Nash, and Nancy Roberson

December 15, 2008 – January 14, 2009
National Juried Exhibition of 2008

December 5-23, 2008
Group exhibition with Yvonne Bartholomew-Thomas, Karen Brackett, Bruce Busey, Jessica Wallace Callis, Stephen Hankal, Bob Gray, and Gay Morton

December 5-6, 2008
Emporium Holiday Extravaganza

November 7-26, 2008
Works by Marilyn Avery Turner, Richardson Turner, and Coral Grace Turner
Group exhibition with Jennifer Brickey, Stacey Fletcher, Beth Meadows, Jim McNutt, Melanie PeSheWa, and Lauren Poole

October 3-31, 2008
Wonder & Whimsy
Works by JoAnn Parsley and Olga Rader
Group exhibition with Audrey Jaccard, Julie K. Jack, Eric Malkowski, Lars Paulson, Landon Phipps, and J. Raliegh Stamper

September 5-26, 2008
Exhibition of works by Mänya Pirkle and Jonathan Pirkle
Eclectia: Works by Charlie Daniel and Jon Gustin

August 1-29, 2008
Legacy: The Quilts of Georgia Bailey

July 7-25, 2008
Discover Life in America’s All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

June 6 – July 25, 2008
2008 Tennessee Watercolor Society Biennial Exhibition

June 1-29, 2008
Work by Antuco Chicaiza, Keoun Cho, Medha Karandikar, Cynthia Markert, Bettina McCann, Tom McDaniel, Rod Whyte, Wendy Williams, Terrie Yeatts

May 2-29, 2008
The Arts & Culture Alliance 2008 Members Exhibition
Bryan Allen, Alice Carroll, Julie Carroll, Steven Lareau, Gayla D. Seale, and Katy Smith

April 25, 2008
UT Graphic Design Senior Show

April 4-18, 2008
Dogwood Arts Festival 2008 Fine Arts Show (both gallery spaces)

March 7-25, 2008
Illumination: Works of Vibrant Imagination by Katie Gamble, Jessica Gregory, and Zophia Kneiss
Work by Stephen Bridges, Nathaniel Galka, Medha Karandikar, Victoria Lenne, Richard Pratt, Sheila Smith, and Terrie Yeatts

February 1-29, 2008
The Scholastic Art Awards of 2008

December 14, 2007 – January 11, 2008
Arts & Culture Alliance National Juried Exhibition of 2007

December 7-28, 2007
Anna Calhoun, Tovah Greenwood, Amanda Henry, William Isom, Liz Nixon, Kimberly Pack, Jill Sanders, Alexandra Spinosa, DJ Wagner

November 2-30, 2007
Three Flights Up’s Three Years Celebration

November 2-20, 2007
14th Master Woodworkers Show and Exhibition

October 5-26, 2007
Channeling the Madness by Joyce Gralak and Richard Whitehead

September 6-28, 2007
Arts & Culture Alliance Collection: Exhibition and Auction

August 3-31, 2007
Coming Home – Works of Chris McAdoo

July 6-27, 2007
The Stalked in the Quarry by Denise Sanabria and Alan Finch
Work by Bill Lee, Lisa Line, Beth Meadows, Christopher Mitchell, Michael Peters, Jill Sanders, Jennifer Simpson, Daniel Smith, Mandy Vorenberg

June 1-30, 2007
The Arts & Culture Alliance 2007 Members Exhibition
Work by Ron Chory, Anne Ford, Nathaniel Galka, Annamaria Gundlach, Amanda Henry, Joe Howell, Lauren Karnitz, David Pease, Sheila Smith, Gary To

May 18-26, 2007
Monart School of the Arts

May 4-25
Josh Culp, Aliya Edoo, Sara Kate Farmer, Ernie Fulton, Katie Link, Rachel Murphy, Elizabeth Scaperoth

May 4-12, 2007
UT Ceramics Exhibition

April 27-29, 2007
UT Graphic Design Senior Show

April 6-27, 2007
Work by Julie Camarata, Steve Cunningham, Stacey Fletcher, Tovah Greenwood, James Edwin Hall, Nic Hankins, Ben Katz, Liz Nixon, Jon Ross

April 6-25, 2007
Honoring Betsy Worden: A Retrospective

March 3-31, 2007
Life Journeys: The Works of Genie Even and Judi Gaston

March 2-30, 2007
Work by Kelly Coffey, Maggie Geddes, Jessie Gwyn, Aimee Johnston, Mary Ann Kolpack, Sharon Mann, Rachelle Peck, Jennifer Reda, Danielle Rose, Valerie Sigmon, Stephanie Turpin, Amy Jane Uitendaal

January 28 – February 16, 2007
The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

January 26 – February 2
2007 Dogwood Arts Festival Limited Edition Print Special Exhibition & Finalists Selection
December 8, 2006 – January 8, 2007
Arts & Culture Alliance National Juried Exhibition

December 1-29
Work by Neranza Blount, Starr Cline, Annie Fletcher, Tovah Greenwood, David Klieman, Ruth Koh, Beth Meadows, Amanda Richardson, Allyson Virden, Tracy Warren

December 1-2, 2006
3rd Emporium Holiday Extravaganza!

November 3-25, 2006
Working Hack by Ryan Blair

October 6-28, 2006
Photographs by Jacques Gautreau

September 1-30, 2006
Homegrown Treasures: The Museums of Knoxville

August 4-26, 2006
Intersections: Works of Pat Roddy and Karol Smith

July 7-29, 2006
Earthworks: Natural Resources Redefined – Works by Karen Briggs and Ruth Koh

June 2-30, 2006
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show

May 5-27, 2006
A1LabArts: Collaboration

April 7-22, 2006
Knoxville Art & Antiques Gallery: A Last Hurrah!

March 3-31, 2006
Knoxville’s Red Summer

January 22 – February 10, 2006
Scholastic Art Awards of 2006

December 9, 2005- January 6, 2006
Recent Works by Mike Berry and Victoria Lenne

December 2-3, 2005
2nd Emporium Holiday Extravaganza

November 4-23, 2005
East Tennessee Woodworkers Guild and 13th Master Woodworkers Show

October 7-28, 2005
John Richardson Watercolors: An Era of Innocence

September 9-28, 2005
Chrysalis and Friends: New Works for a New Season

August 5 – September 3, 2005
Oil and Steel: Muscle and Mind – Works by Clay Pardue and Michael Russell

July 1-27, 2005
Vigil – Multimedia Art Installation

June 3-27, 2005
Arts & Culture Alliance Members Show

May 6-28, 2005
A1LabArts Spring Show “Self Portrait”

April 21 – May 7, 2005
UT School of Art – Environmentally Speaking Exhibition

April 2-29, 2005
American Institute for Graphic Arts Exhibition

March 4-27, 2005
Knoxville Watercolor Society Exhibition

January 23 – February 12, 2005
Scholastic Art Awards of 2005

December 3-4, 2004
1st Emporium Holiday Extravaganza!

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